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PNG Kumuls and Melbourne Storm centre, Justin Olam / Credit: NRL Photos


What is PacificAus Sports?

PacificAus Sports is an Australian Government program driving ambitious high-performance sports partnerships between Australia and the nations of the Pacific. It is a flagship initiative of the Australia's Sports Diplomacy 2030 strategy. Learn more about the PacificAus Sports program and its objectives here.


What are the objectives of PacificAus Sports

The program gives priority to activities that seek to:

  • develop pathways for Pacific teams to play in high-level Australian sporting competitions;
  • support Australian teams to increase their presence and participation in the Pacific; and
  • create pathways for emerging Pacific athletes to benefit from high performance coaching and training.


Which sports are involved in PacificAus Sports?

PacificAus Sports’ initial focus is on partnerships with netball, rugby league, rugby union and soccer (football). Future opportunities in the program will see the inclusion of more sports and partners.


What countries are involved in PacificAus Sports?

PacificAus Sports is delivered through partnerships between Australian national sports organisations and their Pacific partners in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu. You can find out more about what we’re doing on the Our Reach page.


Can I get PacificAus Sports funding for my sports organisation?

PacificAus Sports’ core funding is used for partnerships with Australian sports organisations to deliver high performance activities with Pacific partners for athletes and teams. 

PacificAus Sports also invites applications from other Australian sports organisations, outside of our core partnerships, through our PacificAus Sports competitive grants program. The program  focusses on activities to support elite and emerging individual athletes, for example by funding high-performance training camps and competitions in Australia for athletes preparing for international events such as the Pacific, Commonwealth or Olympic Games.


Why is the Australian Government investing in PacificAus Sports?

PacificAus Sports seeks to create more opportunities for Pacific and Australian athletes and teams to train, play and grow together. It strengthens our regional sports capabilities, exposing teams to new opportunities and career development experiences, especially for women and girls in the Pacific. 

Sport is a shared pride. At least half of all junior rugby union players in Western Sydney are of Pacific Island origin, and around 42 per cent of all athletes in the NRL competition have Pacific island heritage. In turn, the Pacific’s contribution to these popular codes is a source of respect and admiration from the Australian community. 


Is PacificAus Sports a sport for development program?

No. PacificAus Sports is focussed on high-performance sports partnerships between Australia and the Pacific. It supports the development of elite-level athletes, teams and coaches, and is focussed on building sustainable elite sport pathways in the region.

The Australian Government’s sport for development program is Team Up. Team Up uses sport to make a positive difference in the lives of women, young people, and people with disability across the Pacific.


How does PacificAus Sports support women and girls in sport? 

Supporting inclusive pathways and increasing opportunities for Pacific women and girls to take their place as sporting champions is a top priority of PacificAus Sports.  

The program funds activities that increase opportunities for female athletes and teams to compete at a high level in Australia and the Pacific. PacificAus Sports also provides support to coaches and sports administrators, ensuring benefits flow to Pacific women, on and off the field.

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