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Classic Wallabies & Wallaroos v Fiji Legends to mark Fiji’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, 2020, Sydney. / Credit: Rugby Australia

Collaborative and ambitious partnerships

PacificAus Sports funds partners to develop a thriving regional sports community in which women and girls can take their place as champions. Currently, PacificAus Sports has two funding streams. 

Core Partnerships

PacificAus Sports works with a number of core partners in netball, rugby league, rugby union and football to create new opportunities for athletes and teams from Australia and the Pacific to train, grow and play together at the highest level. 

These long-term, multi-layered partnerships build sustainable pathways for Pacific teams to participate in elite sporting competitions in Australia; and for Australian teams to compete against emerging and established athletes and teams on the ground in the Pacific. 

Explore Our Partners to find out more about our partners and their activities.

Competitive Grants Program

The PacificAus Sports competitive grants program makes it possible for Australia to share its professional sporting expertise with the Pacific. PacificAus Sports competitive grants enable Australian sports organisations and training facilities to partner with Pacific sports organisations on the development of high-performance training and coaching opportunities for emerging Pacific athletes, including para athletes.

Through the competitive grants program, PacificAus Sports is helping to unlock the potential of the Pacific’s homegrown talent ahead of regional and international events such as the Pacific Games, Commonwealth Games, Olympics and Paralympics.

Details about the current competitive grants program, including guidelines, will be published on the SmartyGrants website. Applications are expected to open in 2021 and all applications will be submitted through SmartyGrants. If you have any questions about PacificAus Sports grants, please get in touch with us at Contact Us.

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